What are the acceptable Bulk Waste Items?
  • Furniture and bulky household items such as mattresses, hot water heaters & appliances
  • Tree limbs must be cut into manageable sizes for 1 person to handle (no longer than 6’)
  • Carpet must be cut in strips no more than 4 feet, tightly rolled and tied
  • Remodel material such as drywall and lumber: less than 4 feet in length, making a pile no more than 8’L X 5’W X 4’H or about the size of a pickup truck bed

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1. What is the City of Hamilton Residential Bulk Waste disposal program?
2. What are the acceptable Bulk Waste Items?
3. What are the Items that will not be accepted?
4. Where Is the Bulk Waste Yard?
5. What are the current days and hours of operation of the Bulk Waste Yard?