Animal Control

The Hamilton Animal Control division is under the direction of the Hamilton Police Department.  We strive to assist the participating entities in enforcing the state law and local ordinances, and to otherwise serve our citizens. 

What the Department Provides to the City

The shelter provides services such as:

  • Education to the public regarding animal health and the benefits of spay/neuter
  • Lost pet reclaims
  • Pet adoption
  • Stray admission

All animal control calls and complaints must be dispatched from the Hamilton Police Department. Employees at the shelter are licensed Animal Control Officers that can answer basic law and ordinance questions regarding animal control issues, but we do not respond to animal control calls or complaints.

Our Commitment to the Community

Our mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment for stray animals awaiting return to their homes, and to offer adoptable animals an opportunity for placement into permanent, responsible, and safe homes where they are valued.